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As Scene Photography, grew out of many years of photo work by Jocelyn and Gary Harrold. In addition to Nature, Commercial, and Fine Art photography, our vision includes work with environmental and naturally lit portraiture.


Jocelyn has been involved with photography since she and her father took courses with the Nikon School of Photography in the early 1970's. She has managed two photography stores in the Edmonton area and recently moved from film to digital.


Gary first explored photography when he received  a home darkroom kit completed with a Kodak Hawk-eye film camera when he was 12 years old. He studied photography in High School, but then he went on to pursue other interests . He renewed his passion 2005 and like Jocelyn has moved from film to digital, taking more and more courses to expand his knowledge and skills.


As Scene Photography has also expand to the addition of son Daniel who has his Diploma in Computer Graphic Arts and Design. In Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Daniel express a unique vision to Graphic Design world.


We at As Scene Photography look forward to working with you.

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